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Vila Roel are two Canadian electronic dance music producers.They are based in Toronto and Vancouver,Canada.For individuals with no musical background,they are indeed very talented when it comes to making music and making the dance floor shake. With their own radio show “Ecstatic Therapy Hard Dance Podcast” which airs every 2nd Tuesday of the month on Digitally Imported radio [12pm/Noon EST, 18:00 CET] and numerous releases, they are on their way in exerting their dominance in electronic dance music.

Discovered in 2011,they are gradually setting their own musical standards and are well on their way to the top. They carved their way into the electronic genre of music with their unique mind blowing and heart pumping beats.Their music and mixes is all about what club music should be like.

They are the creators of the Nigerian-Electronic Dance Music genre also known as NaijaEDM or Nigerian-Electro.They have managed to fuse the glorious captivating sounds from Africa(Nigeria) and they have connected it with the scintillating sounds of Western european music to in turn produce the master piece called club Nigerian-Electro.They have worked on numerous remixes for various Nigerian artists.They released their EP titled IBIZA TO LAGOS'12 on 26/10/12.This EP featured eight of their NaijaEDM remixes.

The EP was meant to support their new genre (Nigerian-Electro) and that it did and it has been gaining positive reviews from different parts of the world most notably from Africa's Hip Hop legend, Eedris Abdulkareem, describing it as "something new and fresh for Nigerian music". They released their first official Nigerian-Electro mix on 12/12/12. It was given exclusive premieres on major music and entertainment websites from Toronto,California,Britain and Vancouver.

On March 25th 2013, they made history by becoming the first major release on DeMars Records based in Toronto.

Road To Mars EP by Vila Roel is supported by the biggest names and personalities in the electronic music community. Top producers and DJs such as FTampa (Brazil) , Yenn (Luxembourg) , DJ SpikeyM (Ibiza, Spain), A-Peace (Cairo) and personalities such as Abri Letsego (Promo-Engine, South Africa) and many more. In less than 48 hours of the EP's release on Beatport, it charted at number seventy five (75) on the Beatport TOP 100 Electro House releases chart. Str8 Fire (Original Mix) and Lights Go Down (Original Mix) both peaked at Number 1 on Traxsource TOP 100 Electro House Chart and also on SatelliteEDM Electro House & All Genres TOP 100 Downloads Chart respectively.
Road To Mars EP by Vila Roel was awarded the prestigious DeMars Records Gold Plaque Award just only after two months of it's official release

Stated below are the comments received from top producers and personalities;

1) "Str8 Fire" from Vila Roel is a very strong, powerful and yet dance-able track.The catchy chords and leads in the breakdown are the perfect addition to a rather perfect ensemble.
-YENN (Luxembourg)

2)"Lights Go Down" is a beautiful addition to Road To Mars, which is not just yet another EP, but clearly a concept and work of art.
-YENN (Luxembourg)

3)"Both tracks are great! I will support both:)"
- FTAMPA (Brazil)

4)"Str8 Fire" will make the difference on any DJ set. It catches the attention of people's ears and this track will rock and destroy the dance floor any where in the world.

5)Road To Mars EP by Vila Roel takes you on a journey through the time of music. Vila Roel are on their way to stardom.
-ALEXANDER YURI (Manager at Red Impact Recordings, Toronto, Canada)

6)Road To Mars EP is exhilarating. "Str8 Fire" is one of the best songs of 2013.
- Dominic Kramer aka DJ SPIKEY M (Ibiza,Spain)

7)Five stars. Road To Mars EP by Vila Roel is spectacular
- ABRI LETSEGO (Promo-Engine,Cape Town Branch,South Africa)

8)Road To Mars EP is full to the brim with intricate layers,big room sounds, and smooth transitions.The tracks drop heavy,while retaining their musicality throughout.Great Job!

On the 8th of April, 2013, Vila Roel released their vocal Electro and Progressive House EP titled, Survive This World EP. It will be released by ShiftAxis Records which is based in the United States of America.
The EP features remixes from some of the best producers in the industry.They include the legendary DJ Brad Smith (Florida, USA), Dynomyt (Texas, USA) , HNoize (Spain), HotShit! (Peru).All of these producers have numerous releases and have all had their music featured on top charts worldwide.

In less than 48 hours of the EP's release, it debuted at #34 on Beatport Top 100 Electro House releases.
It also debuted at #18 on Beatport Top 100 Progressive House releases chart.

Survive This World EP by Vila Roel has also been receiving a lot of acclaim from star producers and DJs as well;

1)Survive This World is crazy, will make the crowd go crazy, it's a club banger!

2)We really like the vocals and melodies in it.

3)Survive This World is a simple yet soulful song with just the right electronic touch. It contains melancholic melodies combined with deep lyrics, making this a unique creation.

4)Survive This World is a really heartfelt song, and everybody can relate to this song.

5)Survive This World is crazy is as simple as a song can get and yet so perfect.

Vila Roel Ecstatic Therapy mixes have been featured regularly on the TOP 100 mixes on Beatport .

Ecstatic Therapy Hard Dance mix Volume 4 by Vila Roel peaked at number two (2) on Beatport Top 100 Mixes Chart.
All of their mixes on Beatport have all charted on Beatport Top 100 Mixes Chart.

Their talents continue to grow as each day dawns and no doubt they will be a force to reckon with among elite nightclubs worldwide. 2013 already promises to be a very exciting year for this duo with numerous releases coming up,no one knows what to expect from them.

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