Demars Records


Coming onto the scene with music that's taken it's  inspiration from many  sonic influences. His focus is primarily on Techno with a rolling sound and complex bass lines, accompanied by atmospheric sounds that build up into new ideas. His other productions vary right through from Ambient up to Drum & Bass, Bomh really does love making good electronic music.  He hopes to start making a statement with music he's quietly developed with the intention of building a set worthy for the masses. A programmer and sound designer by nature with Degree in Sound Design Technology but a keen party goer and composer of music to dance to. 

Few Influences: Nicole Moudaba, HECQ, Pig & Dan, Oliver Hunterman, Dusty Kid, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Prometheus, Spongle, Goa,  Whirl y gig, Prodigy, Square Pusher, Apex Twin,  Trent Moller, Glade, Commercial Hippies, Solar Fields, Tristan , D.r.u.g.s...